Midwife Resources

Questions to Ask a Midwife:


Questions to Ask Your Careprovider:


Homebirth Midwives (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara):

Hannah Alaoui:  408-332-1411, jannah.alaoui@barakahmidwifery.com,  www.barakahmidwifery.com

Renee Anker, King’s Mountain Midwifery Services:  650-851-6833,  renee@kmmidwifery.com

Sue Baelen, Sacred Body Midwifery:  415-821-4213, sue@bayareahomebirth.org,  www.sacredbodymidwifery.com

Mason Cornelius, Nova Midwifery:925-487-0690, mason@novamidwifery.com,  http://www.novamidwifery.com

Sharon Craig:  510-812-4738, midwifesharon@gmail.com,  www.awakeningsbirthservices.com

Maura Daly, Nest Midwifery:  510-333-0751, nestmidwifery@gmail.com,  www.nestmidwifery.com

Rosanna Davis:  650-289-0809, rosannadavis@earthlink.net,  www.californiamidwifery.com/

Michelle Edgar:  925-212-9938,  heymiki@comcast.net, www.womanborn.com/

Ronnie Falcao, Eternity in Bloom:  650-961-9728, ronnie@gentlebirth.org,  www.gentlebirth.org/ronnie/

Kathe Gibbs:  831-440-0800, midwife@cruzio.com,  www.fullcircle-midwifery.com

Eva Goodfriend-Reano:  510-848-1352, midwife.eva@gmail.com

Joan Green:  415-488-1406, marinmidwife@aol.com,  www.marinmidwife.com

Selena Green, Sacred Birth Angels:  415-505-4906,  fairylocks@yahoo.com, www.sacredbirthangels.com

Cindy Lara Haag, Tres Lunas Midwifery:  510-704-8366, cindylara@yahoo.com,  www.bayareahomebirth.org

Griselda Hernandez:  415-307-7251

Diane Holzer:  415-721-7693, midwife@laughingcrows.net,  www.circleoflifemidwifery.org

Maria Iorillo, Wisewoman Childbirth Traditions:  415-285-9233, sfmidwife@yahoo.com, www.wisewomanchildbirth.com

Tenaya Jackman:  510-832-1648, tenayajackman@gmail.com,  www.tenayajackman.com

Judy Luce, Womancare Midwifery:  510-428-1419, jluce.midwife@gmail.com

Kelly Murphy, Birth Yourself Midwifery:  415-516-2770, birthyourself@gmail.com,  www.birthyourself.org

Nancy Myrick, Rites of Passage:  415-902-7969,  nancy@outsidelands.org,  www.ihomebirth.com

Angelika Nugent:  415-885-4057, rdgrangl@aol.com

Mary Perez:  510-276-9236,  perezalita@earthlink.net

Sarah Pontell:  510-654-1548, sarahpontell@sbcglobal.net      http://www.upayacenter.org/practitioners/index.htm

Alison Price, Come to Mamma – St Mary Maternity:  415-775-7455, cometomamma@gmail.com

Abigail Reagan, re:Birth Midwifery: 415-922-1221, ar@rebirthmidwifery.com, www.rebirthmidwifery.com

Leah Redwood, Sacred Body Midwifery:  415-824-2461, leahmidwife@mac.com

Leopi Nicola Sanderson-Edmunds:  510-717-5060, leopinicola@earthlink.net

Deborah Simone: 415-835-0663, dsimone@sonic.net,  www.awakeningsbirthservices.com/

Shannon Staloch:  408-464-1441/510-836-3057, shannonstaloch@gmail.com, www.hakimamidwifery.com/

Mollie Sullivan:  510-710-7166, molliemidwife@me.com

Julie Tilsner:  510-536-5241, julitilsner@gmail.com,  www.awakeningsbirthservices.com/

Sunshine Tomlin:  (831) 335-3211, home.birth@comcast.net,  www.sunshinemidwifery.com

Lis Worcester, Jade Lotus Midwifery:  415-255-7028, stara4@yahoo.com,  www.jadelotusmidwifery.com

Sheila VanDerveer, 510-235-1012, info@comadresmidwifery.com,  www.comadresmidwifery.com

For more information and/or midwives in different regions:

California Association of Midwives

Midwives of North America

Hospital Birth Midwives:

Homestyle Midwifery Services:  homestylemw@yahoo.com,  www.homestylemidwifery.com


Homeless Prenatal Program (SF area): Nancy Frappier, 415-546-6756

Prenatal to Three Program (South Bay): Mary Hansell, 650-573-2316, mhansell@co.sanmateo.ca.us

This program gives information and care for families of pregnant women and children to age 3 receiving Medi-cal in San Mateo County.

School Age Mother’s Program/SAMP:  Sandy Caldwell, sandycaldwell@pacbell.net or Mendy Thijssen 650-400-1307

This program provides education and support for pregnant teens/new mothers in the Sequoia Union High School District.  Participants give birth at either Kaiser Redwood City or Stanford.

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