Practitioner Resources

Welcome to the Practitioner Resource List!  This will be an on-going effort to provide you with helpful practitioners for your personal and familial health.  Please let me know if there is someone/somewhere you think highly of and don’t see here; also any personal feedback you have on individual practitioners, as there are many I do not personally know.



Midwives: ‎

Natural Resources and Birthways are two local organizations that have extensive listings for midwives, doulas, bodyworkers and other practitioners.  Although one in the East Bay and the other in SF, their lists usually cover much of the Bay Area:

Natural Resources (SF):

Birthways (East Bay):

Pregnancy & Infant Chiropractic:

More Mojo Chiropractic, Kristine Hicks:  415-821-6656,

Balance Chiropractic, Eva Whitmore: 510-450-0701,

Om Chiropractic, Karen Josephs:  510-527-5770,

Family Wellness Center, Elan Bartlett:  510-843-1234

Network Chiropractors:

Koichi Nairuchi/Hikari Chiropractic (East Bay):

Laura Polak/Radiant Health Center (Sebastopol):

John Amaral/The Well-Being Center (Santa Cruz):  831-475-2448,


Jill Stevens/Whole Family Wellness Center (specializing in women’s and children’s health):

Octagon Community Acupuncture Clinic:

Berkeley Community Acupuncture:

The Yellow Emperor Community Acupuncture Clinic:

Sarana Community Acupuncture:

Manzanita Wellness Clinic (individual & community, pediatric):

Oakland Community Acupuncture:

Golden Leaf Community Acupuncture:

San Francisco Community Acupuncture:

Circle Community Acupuncture (SF):

Community Acupuncture Works (SF):

Castro Community Acupuncture (SF):

Community Acupuncture of San Rafael (Marin):


Mandala Yoga:  Pregnancy Yoga  (this is a great deal, $199 for up to 3 classes/week for your whole pregnancy)/Postnatal Mom & Baby/Monthly Fertility Yoga class:

Britt Fohrman: Pregnancy Yoga (also doula services, photography & bodywork)


Embodied Voice with Sylvi Alli:

Sylvi is an accomplished singer/composer/musician who teaches private and group voice classes for women.  Her ’embodied voice’ approach to singing deepens the connection between voice and body, encouraging more ‘inner listening’ and less self-consciousness, allowing for more authentic, joyful, and free vocal expression.