Leap Into A Juicier, More Joyous You!

The question of how a woman might be best served to integrate, heal and transform her body, soul and sexual self has been bubbling away for years on my inner ‘pot’.  I am more than pleased to announce my new sessions for women’s well-being, Healing the Yoni Healing the Heart, as an answer to this question.

Each woman has the capacity to connect to the sacred feminine wisdom of her body.  Weaving guided meditation, conversation, intention-setting, women’s archetypes, and gentle, listening cranio-sacral touch, sessions facilitate each woman’s ability to listen to her body wisdom, to explore the somatic experience of her sensual and sexual self, and to receive nourishing, nurturing touch that increases pelvic and overall health.    (read more about sessions)

A vital, juicy woman is powerful, happy and engaged with her world.  A whole community of such women is an unstoppable powerhouse of positive change and transformation!  And trying something new is always easier when you have a buddy.  I see how women leave these sessions just full of juiciness and vitality, and I want as many women as possible to experience this! (testimonial below)

So in honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, when you and a girlfriend sign up together for your individual Healing the Yoni, Healing the Heart sessions, you will receive both sessions for the single price of $160.  This offer is available for a limited time, and brings great value with a savings of 40% over scheduling by yourself.

This special also offers you the chance to support women and children in the war-ravaged Democratic Republic of Congo, because I will be donating $20 out of every sign-up to these two amazing non-profits:

Heal Africa:  Medical, Educational & Economic Support for Congolese Women
Georges Malaika Foundation:  Empowering African Girls through Education

Schedule now, spread the word and stay tuned to see how much good we can spread by taking care of ourselves and our sisters, near and far!


“My Healing the Yoni Healing the Heart session with Ursula was a unique and sensual gift.  As soon as she described the work she was developing around the divine feminine I felt a warm feeling in my heart and knew that it was something I wanted to experience, and from the moment I stepped into the practice room I felt my senses awaken.  I really appreciated the time Ursula gave to the guided breath work to help me sense into my own body and bring me into mindful presence.  The table work was surprisingly deep and inimate even with all my clothes on.  I left feeling deeply heard and reconnected with my core.  I am looking forward to my next session already.”              ~ Ella

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