Mini-Workshop: Breath of Fire–Hands of Gold with Claudia Weitkemper & Kip More



  Breath of Fire – Hands of Gold

 Release, what no longer serves your highest good, with the Fire Breath. The Fire Breath is one of the most powerful practices to release what is no longer needed, and creates space for what truly nourishes your body and soul. Explore through dyad work your truth and what really rekindles your whole being. Let yourself joyously and lovingly be nourished through touch, words and play.

with Claudia Weitkemper & Kip More

 Ipsalu Tantra Teachers

SaturdayApril 28th, 6pm–8:30pm 2012

 Studio Vara

850 Talbot Avenue, Albany, California


You can choose to live in bliss every moment.

The technology for transformation is available today.”

                                                  –Bodhi Avinasha

For more information/registration contact Claudia @ 510-978-3444

 $ 45

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