Waking the Womb Consciousness ~ Journeying with Inanna’s Descent before the Solstice

We live in a culture that is fundamentally unfriendly if not outright hostile to anything that has to do with women’s bodies, especially our reproductive organs.  Boobs are fine for advertising, but breastfeeding photos are banned on Facebook.  Vaginas are great as objects of pleasure, but having a say over our reproductive capacities and sexual pleasure makes us sluts.  These are wide generalizations, but they permeate the world we are living in, and encourage a disconnect within our body and soul, especially from our our pelvis/yoni/womb.  Yet we are not solely creatures of intellect.  It is through the body that we experience life, and like any mammal, our body has the basic capacity to navigate the world and know what is good/healthy/safe for it.  When we do not allow, either out of habit, fear or both, our consciousness to reside in the womb, as well as in the heart and mind (and let me remind you that we now know there are brain cells in your heart AND gut), we cannot fully access our capacity to navigate our world.  However, when we are awake in both the heart and womb, our mind becomes the beautiful servant of this unity.

So how do we awaken Her?  What does it take to move from an overly-intellectual, disembodied existence to a more balanced union of body/heart/mind?  We begin by bringing our attention to the body.  We treat her for what she is, soul manifest as flesh and blood.  We do not view needs for rest/activity/food/play as agenda items or as something to be overridden with caffeine, technology or a will of steel.  When the body is tended to as we would tend to any temple or church, our spirit can wake up and speak to us through this bodily manifestation.

Inanna: Embracing the Shadow, by Hrana Janto

When we are moving towards greater light and awareness, we must ensure that we bring forward with us the parts of ourselves previously unseen, unheard, unfelt.  Without this integration, these parts will dog us as shadow, crying out for wholeness and witness.  With integration, the dark, wounded places become our strengths and allies, our personal wisdom that no one can take away from us.

As humans we have the gifts of story and myth, containing wisdom to help us navigate both the inner and outer worlds.  From Sumer we have the stories of Inanna, goddess of heaven and earth; one of her most potent myths is a story about waking and witnessing the darkness.  As we move towards the wonderful light of Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, we can deepen and widen our capacity to hold this light within ourselves by journeying with Inanna into the well of our own wombs.  Our ‘sunlight’ conscious can shed light and love onto the dark parts, freeing up stagnant energy.

On June 4th you will have an opportunity to journey with Inanna at the first of my monthly women’s circles, Resonant Field:

Are you looking to connect more deeply with your own feminine wisdom (or know a woman in your life who would)?  Would you like to share mindful space with other women?  These free monthly gatherings offer a simple, pleasurable way to connect and deepen your relationship to your body and soul, other resonant women and the Divine Feminine.  Each month will be loosely based around a theme, incorporating stillness/meditation, visualization, breath, journaling, feminine archetypes and other healing resources for an evening of sacred play!

  • Open to all interested women, straight/queer/trans, all spiritual and cultural backgrounds, and mothers with babes-in-arms.
  • Held the first Monday evening of the month, private location upon RSVP.  Please arrive 6:45, circle begins at 7 PM.
  • This circle is my community offering, and free of charge.  Please share your gratitude by telling others.
  • Please eat dinner beforehand; ok to bring a snack and I will provide tea, fruit and chocolate.
  • Bring a journal, pen and water bottle.
  • Floor pillows and a few chairs available to those who need; if you have a particular cushion, etc, feel free to bring it.
  • Please RSVP with phone # for both Yes and Maybes, as sometimes I am on-call for a birth and need to be able to contact you:  anahata.bhakti@gmail.com or (510) 473-6724

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