HomeBirth Focusd Childbirth Education Classes–in Oakland

HomeBirth Focused Childbirth Education Classes

in Oakland

Instructor: Esther Healey, Licensed Midwife

When: Thursdays (5 classes)

Time: 7-10 pm

Where: Oakland, near Lake Merritt

Fee: 8% of homebirth midwifery services fee ($400 max, $150 min)

Class Start Dates for 2012: June 21 (EDDs end of July – Sept) & Sept 20 (EDDs end of Oct – Dec)

To Register or for more info, contact:

The class is a balance of:

-Experiential learning of techniques you may use in labor

-Exposure to births from videos

-Informational coverage of:

*the “stages” of labor and what labor may look like

*what changes are made in the body during labor and postpartum

*what the baby goes through to be born

-Deeper discussions of common questions around standards of care (GBS, Vitamin K, Non Stress Tests, etc.)

-Opportunities to begin processing fears using specific techniques

-Setting intension for birth and postpartum

-What happens if complications arise and transfer of care is necessary (non urgent, urgent, emergency)

-Immediate postpartum and postpartum needs and expectations

-Expectations for newborn babies – what their needs are, and how can we as parents support them

-Breastfeeding techniques and expectations

-and, of course, more

Esther Healey, CPM, LM

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