Sanctuary for the Feminine Soul

As women have been waking up over the past 50-plus years, we have been exploring the various ways we can express masculine and feminine energies. Ultimately, each human, regardless of gender, sex and sexuality, must unfold into his or her resonant mixture.  Right now the Sacred Feminine is still awakening, asking us to cultivate the latent seeds inside each of us. These seeds are our longings, our desires, the directions our bodily hungers for touch and nourishment take us.  Learn to listen to the soul voice, the root voice,  the inner voice, the womb voice, the quiet but persistent voice.  Cultivation happens when we act, each small act containing the fullness of a life lived in the here, the now, the particular body, relationships, community.  And that’s it.  Act by act, we deepen feeling and listen, listen to who we really are without collapsing or reacting in old ways.

I choose to do the difficult beautiful work, the work with no answers but constantly unfolding permutations, somehow whole as they are.  Where do I take this, where do I take myself for rest, for reflections, for a long deep draught from the wellspring I see reflected in the eyes of kindred souls around me. ?

I go where touch is offered, not to fix a mechanical system of flesh, but where that flesh is recognized as the  “Body … a portion of Soul discerned by the five Senses, the chief inlets of Soul in this age.”*  I go where hands and heart offer a space for me to relax deep within myself, where the true spring of rejuvenation lives.  I go where my senses are delighted and my humanity is restored by the receiving of my particular, quirky, joyous and grieving self.

*William Blake

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