About Ursula & Women’s Body Wisdom

Wisdom tells me that I am nothing.

Love tells me that I am everything.

Between these two, my life flows.


Life shows me that to honor the body, its mysteries, rituals, and transformations, is to honor the soul and spirit, for all of our spiritual experiences occur in relation to our bodies.  With a life-long interest in women’s cycles of life, I have studied and explored birth, sexuality, embodiment, herbs, bodywork and feminine spirituality.

My formal study includes a Bachelor of Arts, Magna Cum Laude, in English Literature from Ithaca College, Heart & Hands Midwifery class, Swedish-Esalen massage, Sacred Intimacy for Women with the Body Electric School, comprehensive birth and postpartum doula training with Cornerstone Doula trainings, and on-going cranio-sacral study with the Milne Institute.

I believe that the body possesses an innate intelligence.  As a provider of healing services it is my role to listen profoundly, offer loving touch and kind, honest words in order to intuitively support the body’s natural processes.

Ursula Ferreira


anahata.bhakti@gmail.com       (510) 473-6724


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